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May 18, 2006

A 25-cent lesson on walking in high heels

Philadelphia Daily News | 05/16/2006 | Aiming high:
'You're going to go out to the clubs, and you're going to dance in those heels, too,' Sears said. 'So I like to make sure that the girls twist it up and take it up a notch.'
a gym in New York holds classes on how to walk in high heels. imagine that. a whole exercise routine just to cater to the humble high heel. I read about a model's tip on how to walk in high heels, and it'll only cost you 25 cents: the trick is to walk with a quarter pinched between the buttocks, in such a way that the coin doesn't fall out. this supposedly keeps the abdomen taut and the center of gravity a little behind, thus directly above the high heels, and the body perfectly balanced. did it work for you? good. now you only need to add the pout.

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