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May 18, 2006

A 25-cent lesson on walking in high heels

Philadelphia Daily News | 05/16/2006 | Aiming high:
'You're going to go out to the clubs, and you're going to dance in those heels, too,' Sears said. 'So I like to make sure that the girls twist it up and take it up a notch.'
a gym in New York holds classes on how to walk in high heels. imagine that. a whole exercise routine just to cater to the humble high heel. I read about a model's tip on how to walk in high heels, and it'll only cost you 25 cents: the trick is to walk with a quarter pinched between the buttocks, in such a way that the coin doesn't fall out. this supposedly keeps the abdomen taut and the center of gravity a little behind, thus directly above the high heels, and the body perfectly balanced. did it work for you? good. now you only need to add the pout.

May 11, 2006

High heels and discomfort? Comfort and flats?

Penn State Live: "High heels, a fashion staple, are destructive to the joints. Arthritis of the knees, bunions and hip and back pain are related to wearing high heels. Since the human foot was designed to be on the surface while walking, heels should be no higher than 3/4 inch." 3/4 of an inch? what kind of a heel is that? high heels and discomfort, or comfort and flats--what's your choice? an age-old question, I know. but worthy of debate it is.

May 09, 2006

Sometimes you do need to take off your heels

"Welsh coastguards are appealing to people to wear suitable clothing on seaside walks, after a woman was rescued from rocks wearing a mini-skirt and high heels."--icWales admittedly, there are a few occasions when high heels are not appropriate. hiking on a rocky beach is one of them.


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high heels also serve to emphasise the difference between the masculine and the feminine. the delicateness of the shoe, the slenderness of the heel, go to show that the wearer is not dressed for clumsy practicality, but for grace and beauty.

Dressed-Up Denim Skirt

Beautiful Legs
Beautiful Legs
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even a simple denim skirt looks dressed-up with the right high heels. she completes her look with dark pantyhose and a casual jacket.

Compare & Contrast Again

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a variation on the theme. the use of fishnet stockings is highly evocative because the tiny strands of stocking draw attention to the exposed areas of skin just next to them. and with tiny black threads surrounding thumbnails of skin, the proportion of uncovered to covered is very high.this photo draws a strong response in part because of the combination of red high heels against black stocking threads on white skin. red, black, and white are always a powerful combination.

Compare & Contrast

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that's a technique of literary study, but it also works when it comes to dressing. the beauty of wearing high heels even when not wearing much else is that dressy feet contrast with the fact that other parts of the body are not so dressed up. it can be a charming effect, done right, for the right audience!

Leg Lengthening Without Surgery

with Her ... she got legs isnt it ?
with Her ... she got legs isnt it ?
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one well known fact about high heels is how they give the illusion of a longer leg. the way the foot points subtly because of the elevation of the heel is one reason. another reason is the narrowness of the high heel. its pointed look help to taper the leg down to a point. it's a very feminine, graceful look.

High Heels Are A Girl's Best Friends

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note how elegant these shoes make these feet. observe the lines of the shoes, how they fit to the natural form of her feet. see how the shoe follows the form of her foot, leading the eye to do the same. high heels are a girl's best friend.